New Year 2024

Photo by Scottsdale Mint on Unsplash

Happy leap year – 2024.

Twenty-three was better to me than the two previous years and I hope the climb continues.

My various jobs and the writing, especially during NaNoWriMo 2023, have been the best I have had in years. Even editing worked out.

There is still plenty of room for improvement. So much room.

I would like to reestablish and keep the 500 words per day goal, as well as maintaining this blog up-to-date since I used NaNoWriMo 2023 to catch up on it. I plan on continuing the TikTok and also read #24for24 like I did #23for23 – reading 24 BIPoC books for 2024.

The big thing is leveraging my ability to FINALLY write longer works into actual publishable materials this year.

With the year of the Dragon just around the corner (February 10th), this is the year for beginnings and prosperity.

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