Book Review: Knight Errant (Knights of the Flaming Star Book 1)

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Knight Errant (Knights of the Flaming Star Book One) by Paul Barrett and Steve Murphy


Some days your past just won’t stay buried, not even among the stars….

The Knights of the Flaming Star are an elite space mercenary company, one of the best in the business, no matter which star system you’re in. But when an old friend turned arch-nemesis lays a careful trap for them, their leader Hawk falls right into it.

Well, he never could resist a pretty face. Or a good fight. And now he’s got both.

The Knights go from one end of known space to the other hunting down the people who are trying to smear their good name, chase down the folks that want to kill them, and maybe. Just maybe, bury the ghosts of their past once and for all.

Knight Errant is the first book in the thrilling space opera series Knights of the Flaming Star from rising stars Steve Murphy and Paul Barrett. With a Firefly-style band of lovable misfits and Star Wars-level action, Knight Errant is a rollicking space adventure story for a new generation.



A multiplanet ranging space opera with long-standing feuds, cyber-wear addicts, sleek spaceships, and mustard-eating aliens. Following the Knights of the Flaming Star as they do good provided a delightful couple days of reading.

Fun, if a little predictable to people who love this genre. One of the things I liked best is the good guys have to break into places quietly several times and not once were the obstacles they face the same – Everything from animals to old-fashion mechanical barriers, guards to locks. Great problem-solving!

I did find the cyber-magic a lot overpowerful and hope the next book has bad guys with these abilities. Superman needs to face off Superman. On the other hand, the equation magic is really, really cool!!!

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