Goal Review

Time to review how the water bunny goals of 2023 went. I know most people are concentrating on creating their 2024 resolutions, but setting goals works better for me as tax season nears an end – especially in 2024. I’ll tell you why in a moment. But first the review of goals.

The mission statement remains in place.

Mission Statement: Create entertaining and marketable stories which show healthy relationship choices, present educational items, and challenge people to do better.

The goals for 2023 were:

  1. Increase sellable words volume. (Work on writing long-form.)
    2. Maintain the blog going forward.
    3. Produce novels regularly, setting up a successful production line by December 2023.
    4. Stay healthy


1. Increase sellable word volume.

RESULTS – MEH. I got some sellable words, but I haven’t crafted them into something that could be sold yet. I didn’t write daily as I should; the hourglass flip didn’t work BUT I have found something that seems to be working now, an app that gamifies writing in a way that works for me. I only discovered it at the end of November, so I haven’t fully integrated it into my life yet. Most of the new-habits for writing I have tried are successful about a month or two; if it lasts until March, things will be going well.

2. Maintain the blog going forward.

RESULTS – I DID IT!!! This post completes the 2023 blogs. In addition, I have totally caught up for 2021 and I can see the goalpost for 2022. 2024 is in a great place. I knocked myself out in November for NaNoWritMo for the blog and the results show. I still have a few things to do, and maintenance is always a constant, but I got this. I started the year 165 behind and then added the 157 posts needed for 2023. I end the year at 16 needed with only 50 more to go for 2024.

Mixed in with the blog is the long-form skills continue to grow. Many of the flashes are multi-episode. I am VERY happy about this!

3. Produce novels regularly.

RESULTS – Complete nope.

4. Stay Healthy

RESULTS – Meh. Weight went up, but I did get a couple of the needed doctors appointments done. I’m now on heart meds (standard beta blockers) and my heart has stopped skipping beats multiple times an hour. Down side, they sap energy and I am still getting used the energy loss. By nine at night, I’m useless at the keyboard.


I don’t know exactly what will happen.

As those who follow me know, I am a big proponent of women being active in politics. Well, in November the local newspaper printed “10 people filed to run for office” – small print … all men. Not a single woman.

I couldn’t let that stand, so I am running for office. The primaries in NC are in March, so I will know how my summer will shape up at that point. If I win, I will be knocking on doors every day; if I lose, I will be knocking on the keyboard. To run for office, I had to give up the Post Office job; regulations required it. Income will be tight either way.

After March 5th, decisions and plans can be made, but until then, the only concentrations are 1. taxes (day job); 2. writing/editing (night job); 3. running for office.

Happy new year. I’ll let you know the 2024 plans after the wood dragon chases off the water rabbit.

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