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Honestly – (Contemporary M/F Erotica)



After kicking out her deadbeat boyfriend Kassandra Carter has a short encounter with her landlord’s son. Can they overcome their mutual baggage to grow their attraction into love?

Over 10,000 words – 99 cents on Amazon

Romance – Erotica






This is a charity anthology. All work to the anthology is donated. I both have a story in it and I was one of the slush readers.

“WE ARE NOT THIS” Available in Paperback and on Kindle

Over two dozen writers from North Carolina or with deep ties to the Tarheel State band together to raise money for LGBTQ charities in Charlotte and North Carolina as a response to the NC General Assembly’s passage of HB2, the “bathroom bill.”

We are not discrimination.
We are not hate.
We are not fear.
We are not oppression.

We Are Not This.

Includes my short story “Threshold Sanctuary”.

We Are Not This Cover Art
Original Cover Art

KINDLE VERSION – 344 Pages – Proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to support LGBTQ charities and non-profits in North Carolina.


Anthology – various fiction and non-fiction genres.




Shorts Published Elsewhere

2010 – Private Obedience – published in the 2010 ConDFW convention booklet after winning the annual short story competition. Not available online.

2019 March – My Lifestyle Choice is the Best One, Let me Tell You About it – published by eSpec Books on their blog. Winner of the February Flash Fiction competition, 900 word limit, Theme: Obsession.

2019 July – Three Losses – published in eZine “Dare To Write It” by All for Writers (July 2019 edition). Runner-up in their July 24-hour flash competition, 500 word limit, Theme: Loss.





Books I Edited

(I have been paid for my work already and receive no further reimbursement for these. On the other hand, my authors still get royalties for them – so please help them!)

2018 – Rock Revival: A Music Novel by Natania Barron – a literary novel about addiction, family, and music
2018 – Storm Forged: The Darkest Storm Book 1 by Patrick Dugan – a superhero dystonia – 2019 Imadjin Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

2019 – Autumn Book 1: A Fall in Autumn by Michael G. Williams – a soft sci-fi detective noir – 2020 Manly Wade Wellman Award
2019 – The Company of Death by Elisa Hansen – a post-Apocalyptic fantasy road trip with a zombie, vampire, and Death
2019 – Drawn by David Alan Jones – urban fantasy with a side of superhero
2019 – Unbreakable Storm: The Darkest Storm Book 2 by Patrick Dugan
2019 – The Withrow Chronicles Book 5: Nobody Gets Out Alive by Michael G. Williams – a vampire Urban Fantasy
2019 – Shapes in Smoke 2: Deep Currents by Dylan Birtolo – urban fantasy with Japanese-American female lead, set in Seattle
2019 – Shapes in Smoke 3: Predator & Prey by Dylan Birtolo – the third of the series and the second I worked on
2019 – Shapes in Smoke 4: Weathering the Storm by Dylan Birtolo – fourth (third I worked on) and the conclusion of the series
2019 – Hands of Time Book 1: The Dream Thief by Leann M. Rettell – an urban fantasy with an entirely new paranormal
2019 – Fire’s Fury Book 1: Dragon Two-Zero by William McCaskey – military science fiction  
2019 – Servant/Sovereign Book 1: Through the Doors of Oblivion by Michael G. Williams – an urban fantasy starring Emperor Norton the First

2020 – Servant/Sovereign Book 2: All the Pomp of Earthly Majesty by Michael G. Williams – the second of the Emperor Norton urban fantasy series
2020 – Hands of Time 2: Dream Awakened by Leann M. Rettell – the second of the urban fantasy series
2020 – A Doll’s Live by Alledria Hurt – a shard universe science fiction-fantasy

2020 – Lost Peterson Apostle Book 1: The Lost Peterson Apostle by Les Gould – urban fantasy monster hunting set in New York, but NOT New York City
2020 – Lost Peterson Apostle Book 2: Solo Op by Les Gould – the second of the series of a monster hunter sees him back in active duty
2020 – Lost Peterson Apostle Book 3: Polar Protocol by Les Gouldthird of the series returns the monster hunter to the New York area where he is joined by the plain folk

2021 – Aluminum Leaves Book 2: Copper Road by Marion Deeds – another shard universe story, the second of the series (I did not edit book 1). Interesting take on a world in the midst of industrialization.
2021 – The Giftborn Chronicles Book 1: The Royal Nothings by Drew Bailey – a grimdark fantasy on the world on the eve of the apocalypse

2021 – Rose Carver Book 2: Sketched by David Alan Jones – urban fantasy with a side of superhero
2021 – Knights of the Flaming Star Book 2: The Knight Ascendant by Paul Barrett and Steve Murphy – a space opera, the second of the series (I did not edit book 1)
2021 – Hands of Time Book 3: The Dream Shattered by Leann M. Rettell – an urban fantasy with an entirely new paranormal
2021 – The Salt Songs Book 1: The Curse of Shallow Bay by Jay Requard – From Requard’s Saga of the Panther world, starts a new Sword and Sorcery world set on the seas.
2021 – The Salt Songs Book 2: At the Mirror’s Edge by Jay Requard – Second of the Salt Songs, Sword and Sorcery sings out following a generational family saga.
2021 – The Salt Songs Book 3: The Queen in Silver by Jay Requard – Book 3 contains the exciting conclusion of Salt Songs.
2021 – A Wave of Lions (The Complete Salt Songs Trilogy) by Jay Required – The complete collection of Salt Songs, a gritty Sword and Sorcery style fantasy. With Pirates!

2022 – Aluminum Leaves Book 3: Golden Rifts by Marion Deeds – The third book of a shard universe story, novel length. I edited books 2 and 3 of the series. Think alternate history steampunk with alien invasion.
2022 – Autumn Book 2: New Life in Autumn by Michael G. Williams – continuing the award winning sci-fi detective noir series.
2022 – The Giftborn Chronicles Book 2: They Once Had Names by Drew Bailey – continuing the grimdark fantasy as the eve of the apocalypse passes into the dawning of true horror.
2022 – Servant/Sovereign Book 3: Shut the Gates of Mercy by Michael G. Williams – the third of the Emperor Norton urban fantasy series. The time twists in this book should make it a very fun read (not as much fun to edit).

2023 – Coldstone Case File Book 2: The Dog with Two Tails by Jason Gilbert – More in the vein of cozy mysteries than urban fantasy, but if these genres were kissing cousins. Werewolves, vampires, conspiracy theories, zombies, necromancers – but with buddies doing the investigations. (I did not edit book 1/the first three novels.)
2023 – Hands of Time Book 4: The Dream Master by Leann M. Rettell – final book of the series, I edited all four stories.
2023 – The Giftborn Chronicles Book 3: Even the Favored Suffer by Drew Bailey – volume three of the grimdark fantasy, it only gets better … or much, much worse from here.
2023 – Oniichan: A Knight in Charlotte Novel by Edward McKeowan – Ghosts and angels, demons and templar knights; an urban fantasy set in Charlotte NC.