Erin Penn is an author with a day job and a seasonal tax preparation job. Her obsessive muse does not like the winter months when the taxes takes over its slot. Bad enough when her passions for the arts of embroidery, calligraphy, and gardening take priority.

Between profession (day job) and obsession (writing), Erin spends far too much time with a computer. She lives in the greater Charlotte area of North Carolina with her computer, garden, pens, and fabric.

She writes … stuff. Genre fiction. After that, specifics get fuzzy. Her blog and books encompasses romance, sci fi, mystery, urban fantasy, etc. She does indicate a stories primary genre in the Amazon blurbs, though her muse isn’t too good at limiting a story to one genre. Happy reading!


2010     Won the ConDFW short story competition with Private Obedience, a military fantasy short story. Published in that year’s convention handout.