I am always doing something – day job, taxes, writing … and arts. I have arts the way most people have cats … too many and everywhere in the house. My bookshelves, boxes, chairs, and tables are filled with UFOs (unfinished objects). Sometimes, through no fault of my own procrastination and discovery of a new shiny project, I manage to complete something. I thought I would share a bit about my biggest art loves:

Embroidery – Number One Art Love; beware stray needles and pins when visiting my house.

Gardening РHave to do something that gets me up and moving. High school removed any desire to go to a gym, so I made sure I got a house with a big yard to get some time away from my computer.

Calligraphy & Illumination – I love words and letters. Calligraphy allows me to explore them as an art outside of the science of writing.

Mosaics – Mosaic tile work is a new art form discovered in 2015. Like embroidery, only with stone!

Cooking – Because FOOD! I especially like to research historical recipes and bring them back to life.