Book Review (SERIES): Zombie Cosmetologist

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Zombie Cosmetologist by J.D. Blackrose

  1. Pluck & Cover
  2. Hide & Chic
  3. Cut & Dyed


Waylon Jenkins has a problem. Well, he’s got a few of them. The ghost of Betsy Ross lives in his house, he’s pretty sure his favorite client is the victim of ongoing domestic violence, and he’s been roped into helping the police investigate a series of murders.

And his penis fell off in the shower this morning. He needs a new one, but none of his friends are willing to donate theirs to the cause.

In case it isn’t obvious by now, Waylon Jenkins is a zombie.

He’s also one of the most highly respected and in-demand makeup artists in Hollywood, and that keeps him busy, no matter how dead he is. But now he needs to find out who’s committing a string of murders, and make sure nobody hurts Mitzi (one name only), one of his most faithful (and famous) clients.

He also needs a new penis.


Another delight from JD Blackrose. Made me LOL three times; once, I had to book down until I composed myself I was laughing so hard.

Her characters are so real, and the real-life solutions to the problems just feel natural. Okay, you might be asking, how can a Zombie Cosmetologist to Hollywood Stars be “real” – I DON’T KNOW – but he IS!!!! I could see running into Waylon Jenkins in day-to-day life and sitting down for a talk on a park bench (with suitable hat and sunscreen).



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Waylon Jenkins can’t die. He also can’t let Dr. Samuel Early, his only hope of dying, go off on a mission to rescue a disembodied zombie in the heart of a Central American jungle without him. But even this skilled cosmetologist to the stars isn’t fully prepared to blend-blend-blend himself into a convincing member of a strike team, not when his first instincts are to give moisturizer recommendations to sunburned vacationers.

As they delve into the jungle, they uncover a much bigger problem than the drug cartels. Someone is after Rodrigo Flores and his family and it’s personal. The only way to help the family get through it alive to help his daughter, Amalia, win the Miss Mango Pageant. Will Waylon’s skills and his famous friend and client, Mitzi (one name only), be the team’s secret weapon?

Can Waylon get through it without breaking his vow never to make a zombie?

And who is the mysterious Señor Cinco that seems to be behind it all?

Hold on to your butt paste. This is going to get wild.


Waylon, cosmetologist to the Stars by trade and zombie by reanimation, has agreed to aid the military team which got his house destroyed last novella rescue the one they left behind. So off he goes to the jungle, fighting bugs and sunlight, suffering through a cruise, and discovering a beauty contest.

At last, something he was VERY familiar with. Now all he had to do is survive being blown up, again, and getting a evening dress for the contestant he is helping.

Mascara should help.

The book, as with everything in this series, is a wonderful combination of urban fantasy parody and amazing characters in an action-adventure.

(P.S. You know something is absolutely amazing when I got to make a meme for it.)


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Captain Perkins once again drags Waylon Jenkins, zombie and cosmetologist to the biggest Hollywood stars into a murder case. Eyeless, and missing hands, the bodies tingle the experienced officer’s ‘woo-woo’ sense and the captain demands that Jenkins help find the killer.

Unfortunately, one of the victims is linked to Waylon’s favorite client, and Hollywood “It’ girl, Mitzi (one name only). Meanwhile, Jenkins’ new luxury cosmetic line struggles with several federal agencies, especially since “dehydrated zombie skin cells,” aren’t an FDA-approved ingredient.

A new mystery man takes over as CEO of The Industries, “Miss Mango,” Amalia tricks him into building a treehouse for a charity playground, and his executive assistant, Mrs. Betsy Ross, floats through the house in a fit of ghostly depression.

And if that isn’t enough, Waylon desperately needs a body to loan him an ear.


Another excellent session in the chair with Waylon Jenkins, Zombie Cosmetologist to the stars. Join him attending Charity Galas of the Hollywood Elite, running a makeup business jumping through the government hoops of new cosmetic line, and courting the coroner (hoping to get a little something-something … like a new ear).

Made up with the blushing sparkle of funny, the shadowy shimmer of action, and the perfect blendable foundation of characters – you can’t go wrong with Cut & Dyed.