Editing Rant: Gonna Leave a Bruise

Wound healing process XXL. Painful bruise of elbow shot during three weeks.

Okay, I’ve reached my limit with this particular nonsense.
We’ve all gone and said at one point or other, “that is going to leave a bruise” – but do you see purple and blue the first day??? – NO!!!
Why do authors have characters in books start bruising immediately? Big blue and purple monstrosities. Same-day black eyes. Bruised knuckles. Black and blue on the spine after being thrown on the floor.
Even if you are a superhero with a quick healing factor, the damage will be not purple and blue, as those colors are CHEMICAL REACTIONS, not your body healing.
Fun Fact – It takes one to two days for the hemoglobin in the blood to change to bluish-purple and/or black. After 5 to 10 days, the bruise will get the green/yellow tint. Initial damage is pink, red, and white. (White where swelling in high.)
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