Geeking Science: Writing Prompts

Image courtesy of Somkiat Fakmee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net4

Over at Mythcreants, they put together eight natural phenomena to use in your stories. These are really geeking cool science phenomena on Earth and in Space.

  1. Lake Vostok
  2. Ball Lightning
  3. Solar Flares
  4. Gamma Ray Burst
  5. Natural Nuclear Reactors
  6. The Space Roar
  7. Catatumbo Lightning
  8. The Great Science

Read the details at “Eight Natural Phenomena to Use in Your Stories”.

WRITING EXERCISE: Our world is weird. Using one of the eight phenomena, or another weird science fact, write a flash. Science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, or other fantasy option – have the phenomena play a critical role in the turn of the story BUT remember the characters are the star.