Author Spotlight: MJ Blehart

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I’ve known MJ Blehart for a long time, a couple decades or more, even before the automobile accident that sent him down his new path. The accident where he wasn’t in the car with all the protection of air bags and crumple zones – car vs. human walking equals a lot of problems for the human walking. The doctors seeing a rotund computer geek said he would never walk without aid. Don’t ever tell Mr. Blehart what he can or can’t accomplish.

The man fences now – hence the writing for the anthology “Spells and Swashbucklers“. He knows Swashbuckling.

He also writes, blogs, edits, podcasts, and reads for audiobooks. His blog is focused on Positivity and how Consciousness Creates Reality. Occasionally he collects the posts into non-fiction publication. Most of his fictional work is self-published and shows his growth as a writer. The constant immersion in writing fiction, blogging non-fiction, and exposure to other writers as an editor and reader has him growing by leaps and bounds. Look at his work on to see his style interests you: