Other Cool Blogs: Jody Hedlund October 2015

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Stuffing a Story

“Show, don’t tell.” How many times have you heard that instruction? I can’t tell you how many times I have written it on a manuscript while editing.

Then I read my writing and realize I have completely stripped all description from a story. How much stuffing do I need to put into the story so the flavor comes through without making the beast pop?

Jody Hedlund shared “How to Balance Showing versus Telling” on her blog towards the end of 2015. I have previous pointed you toward this author with her 3 Stages of Editing way back in January. 

No, the posting does not give the exact balance – genre drives part of the balance; for example, thriller will have less telling than science fiction. The article does point out not all telling is bad and a balance is needed, a fairly unique voice among the publishing industry demands to make writing look and sound more like the visual media of television and movies.

Need the link again? Well, let me stop telling you about the post and show you instead: http://jodyhedlund.blogspot.com/2015/10/how-to-balance-showing-versus-telling.html