Flash: Three heads are worse than one

Image by Vlad Zaytsev on Unsplash

“Will someone please get that lighting head?” The paladin screamed as he managed, through the grace of his goddess, to dodge another bolt despite being a walking-talking lightning rod in a metal plate armor suit.

The sorcerer yelled back, “You are lucky I got the fire-breathing with a back-burner snuffing out its oils for a few minutes. Ha-zah!” Hands thrown out, the group’s magic user returned the lightning.

“Fuck, it’s dripping oil again from the red head,” shouted the fighter. “Move back, move back.” He ordered the unit of minions he had gathered over the last month hunting for this dragon.

One of the young men asked the monk, “Why isn’t the purple head not doing anything? It’s just staying up there watching everything, letting the blue and red heads do their things.”

“You had to ask that, you had to ask that.” The monk muttered, pushing the untested soldiers back just in time for a fire blast to land where they had been.

The thief ignored the byplay, using her ring of invisibility to advantage, slowly circling the multi-headed monster., when she noticed the purple head swivel her way.

“I see you,” a voice said in her head.

(words 199; first published 3/3/2024 – written for a FB group prompt, aiming for about 50 words as the goal – as usual, I went over)

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