Year of the Wood Dragon

Photo by Karen Cann on Unsplash

The new year started on February 10, and hopefully will bring the transformative energy of Wood combined with the luck and prosperity of the Dragon. We have had a bad few years since 2020 – plagues and wars and riots. 2024 brings a major election year to America, and a ton of decisions for everybody.

Dragons embody strength, intelligence, and prosperity – opportunities for change and wealth. Wood, as the element for the year, enhances growth and progress. 2024 should be the year for new beginnings and fresh growth.

Dream big this year – and draw strength to chase your vision. Be the dragon, use your intelligence to research opportunities and plan on how best to go after them. Remember to use Wood and plant your roots deep, giving special attention to growth and care, just like you do a garden in the spring.

Figure out how you want to transform. Grab the change, dream big, take action, stay positive, bather relationships. Build.



And if all else fails, breathe fire.

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