Book Review (SERIES): Inheritance of Hunger

I wrote the reviews as a unit after I read the whole series – which has a fairly amazingly strong story for what is normally expected in the beloved smut-centric erotic genre of reverse harem. The first story focuses on the princess coming-of-age and discovering her protected little world was VERY Protected and VERY Little. The second book focuses on the princess in-training learning about the REAL world and how she can RULE instead of be protected. Third book focuses on the princess graduating that title and taking her rightful place. Supported throughout the process by her friends, agents, and harem. Basically a typical royal becoming a crown story, with lots of sex.

Inheritance of Hunger series by Kathryn Moon

  1. The Queen’s Line
  2. The Princess’s Chosen
  3. The Kingdom’s Crown

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The Kingdom of Kimmery is broken…

Bryony, Princess of Kimmery, has a secret. She lacks the Hunger, the magical and passionate craving that is responsible for Kimmery’s prosperity. Without that power, she will lose the crown and the chance to rule the kingdom she sincerely loves.

The Queen’s Line must select Chosen to satiate their Hunger with and Bryony’s Choosing ceremony has arrived. On her first night with her newly assembled men—a prince, an ambassador, a stablehand, a sculptor, and a rogue—her own secret, and the secrets of Kimmery, spill out between them.

North of Kimmery’s capitol, the people are starving. When her truth is revealed to her iron-hearted grandmother, Bryony invents a plan to buy time. She and her Chosen will go to the desolate Winter palace where she can pretend to explore her Hunger while investigating the kingdom’s failings.

Bryony is determined to take Kimmery and its people back into a golden age, and keep her crown. As passions rise with her chosen so do the obstacles and adversaries they face. Kimmery’s prosperity isn’t the only thing Bryony misunderstood, and the Hunger is more than what it appears.


The first book starts slow – with the princess being forced to choose her harem. Being of the Queen’s Line, she is expected to have the HUNGER – a magic gift which has helped the Queens to rule in the past – but the Hunger must be fed by sex … a lot of sex. Hence the harem. Problem is Bryony hasn’t exhibited any signs of the Hunger; book boyfriends is all she wants. Forced to choose a harem, she judges the covers of the men paraded before her by what was between the covers of her favorite books.

Then the night after the choosing, these random men pull back the covers over her own eyes about what is happening in her mother’s queendom. Not sure whether to believe those she just met or her lifetime of hand-picked tutors, she decides to look into things herself.

And discovers far more than she expected, about herself, her men, and the Hunger.


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The battle for Kimmery is brewing…

The peace Princess Bryony and her Chosen enjoyed in the north is broken, disturbed by the arrival of her family to the Winter Palace. Camellia is crueler than Bryony ever imagined, and her grandmother’s faith is hard won. Nothing will come easily, not even with her men at her side, their affections growing deeper.

When Bryony’s most reluctant Chosen, Aric – King of Thieves, learns of her Hunger, it all fractures. There is more to the magic of the queen’s line than anyone imagined, and Bryony is losing the grip on her own control.

As the weather turns colder, obstacles rise from every direction, even from within the Winter Palace’s own residents. Bryony must master her magic and her passions in order to protect herself and her Chosen from the enemies that circle closer every day. If she falls, so will Kimmery.


The second book has the King of Thieves, and whimsical Beautiful Fantasy Description, and amazing world-building, and magic, and politics, and county fairs, and so many wonderful fantasy tropes in between the reverse harem action – which is a true masterpiece of the genre showing what each man brings to Bryony’s royal needs besides keeping the Hunger fed. I feel in love with each of her men in turn (but, shh, don’t tell her – she is the jealous type).

Now that Bryony has found her Hunger and broken out of her safe protected lie-fed royal cage, can she survive the Winter Palace and the political shadows cast by the Council?


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The path to power never did run smooth…

Princess Bryony and her Chosen have been challenged, threatened, and attacked, but it’s news from the capital that lands the hardest blow.

Bryony’s greatest ally is at risk, and if she loses her grandmother’s support she may lose the crown as well. Returning to the capital introduces new enemies and dangers, as well as painful memories. Her grandmother is dying, her sister is feasting on flesh and wasting magic in the shadows, and the Queen is hiding from the ugly truths of Kimmery.

With her patience at its end and her Chosen gathered close, it’s time for Bryony to break the grip the council has on the kingdom, forge new alliances, and learn the depth of her own magic.

The kingdom’s crown will be hers, even if claiming it comes with painful sacrifice.


In the last book, which blew me out-of-the-water with the execution scene, Bryony discovers her grandmother – the true ruler of the queendom, at least as far as her Council will let her be – has fallen ill since she started actually ruling … sus much? Bryony takes her harem back to where her true royal education all started and hopes she has learned enough to survive.

But with the Council fighting to retain every scrap of power, the royal mages equally determined to keep how the Hunger really works under wraps, the shifters rising in revolution, unsteady maternal support from the official queen, and a sister who wants the succession enough to already arrange one assassin attempt of her own sibling, can Bryony survive? Especially with the Hunger’s bottomless pit being a constant distraction, no matter how much she loves her Chosen and the sex that feed the Hunger.

All her enemies need is for her to make one mistake. Little does the princess know she made it months ago.

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