Book Review: War Pigs

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War Pigs by Jay Requard


Among the tribes of the Wagani war is life, and for Lut, war is his way out of the poverty that he was born into. A reaver, a warrior, and the chosen of the enigmatic goddess the Azure Queen, he has dedicated his existence to furthering her glory by the bite of his axe. Bloodthirsty, powerful, and without mercy, he marches upon the world to spread the name of his beloved deity.

But what happens when the goddess no longer loves her champion?

From the award-winning author of The Saga of The Panther comes a dark tale of violence, betrayal, and redemption where David Gemmell’s Legend fights alongside Steven Erickson’s Gardens of the Moon. In this world victory always comes at a price, love is forever the final victim, and not even the gods can stop the ruthless march of history. This is the world where only the strong and cunning survive.

This is the world of the War Pigs.



On one hand while reading this, this would be easy to group with LitRPG – the main character is unmistakably an orc. You follow him surviving his first levels, gaining the favor of a goddess, and acquiring an enchanted weapon. Further adventures continue and he goes from solo hero to building his fortress, etc.

On the other hand, there are no stats tracked. This isn’t a game within the story or any of the typical requirements for LitRPG. It’s full of actual story features like the point-of-view character undergoing a growth arc. You root for the character, not the dice rolls.

Sword & Sorcery, down and dirty. The Orc, Lut, isn’t a good guy. He will never be a good guy. But he is a guy with a plan to get out of the dirtiest, lowest, downtrodden places of his species – through fighting and focus. Blood, sacrifice, raids, sex.

With a Plan and Focus he is able to beat his species short life span to reach the pinnacle of existence. Then betrayal happens, destroying everything he worked to. His betrayer left him alive as a lesson to others.

Lut, though, is really good at lessons and learning from them. He gets a new Plan and a new Focus. Even the gods should fear the results.

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