Book Review (SERIES): League of Lords

Looking over some other reviews before starting this one – the description of a water-down X-men by way of a Victorian Regency Romance does a real good job of capturing the story. For most of the reviewers, this was a negative – for me, it’s enough of a positive that after reading book 1 (using the first one free-marketing scheme), I picked up book 2 (priced real cheap), and then onto book 3. I’ll pass book 4, since I have a high dislike of time travel – Days of Future Past and other time twisty stories annoy me. I enjoyed all three of the books I did read.

League of Lords series by Tracy Sumner

  1. The Lady is Trouble
  2. The Rake is Taken
  3. The Duke is Wicked
  4. The Hellion is Tamed (not reviewed)


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What’s a reluctant viscount to do when the woman he can’t have becomes the woman he can’t live without?

Viscount Julian Alexander works dutifully to protect London’s outcast clairvoyants. But when the woman he’s sworn to keep from harm threatens to turn his orderly life and League of the gifted upside down, he finds himself craving her above all others. And with her brash American ways driving him to distraction, he fears the ensuing chaos could expose them all to danger.

Psychic healer Lady Piper Scott is tired of being ignored by the man she desires. In an impulsive bid to draw his attention, she slips her protective leash to pose as a medium for bored aristocrats. But when an arsonist turns the séance into an inferno, her plan simultaneously succeeds and fails when Julian flies into a rage… and then whisks her away to his mansion, alone.

Confronted with the woman’s implacable persistence, the handsome nobleman worries that giving into his heart will only inch her closer to those who would abuse her power. But Piper is more resolute than ever to prove her place is by his side, opposing their enemies together.


First of the series: Why I like – I love friends-to-lovers troupes. The main couple grew up together. Viscount Julian is trying to distant himself from Lady Piper, stiff upper lip and all that – to protect her, of course, but the Lady is having none of that.

The women of this series are all “unconventional” – i.e. they are all very modern (as in OUR time, not Victorian England time) in their want of independence and their sexuality.

Piper starts wearing down Julian, convincing him the fortress of controlled emotions is a prison and not a defense, but then bad guys happen, proving his point. Will she be able to prove love is an even stronger fortress, especially with the love of found family to support them?


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A gorgeous psychic. An unwanted betrothal. A tantalizing compromise.

Lady Victoria Hamilton has a supernatural gift, a fiancé, and a guardian angel. She just never expected her protector to be the most dazzling man in England, a devilish scoundrel they call the Blue Bastard. Victoria has agreed to marry for duty, not love, but her unforeseen desire for her mystical angel threatens to destroy not only her plans for the future but the armor surrounding her susceptible heart.

A confirmed scoundrel, a mind reader, and the only man she desires…

Illegitimate son of a viscount and reigning king of London’s gossip sheets, Finn Alexander has spent a lifetime hiding his ability to read minds behind charming smiles and wicked behavior. No one knows the real man, and he likes it that way. Until he meets the lone woman who sees the man beneath the disguise—a blue-blooded temptress with the power to bring him to his knees.

As they embark on a journey of passion and friendship, Victoria and Finn must decide if they’re willing to risk everything for the promise of true, magical love.


The second book of League of Lords follows the way-Way-WAY too handsome Finn Alexander, mind-reader, dealing with the first woman in his life whose mind wasn’t an open book. How do you woo a woman when you don’t know what she is thinking, and Lady Victoria is a bit more unconventional than most, so guessing doesn’t work. He is going to have to (gasp) TALK to her and actually listen to the responses.

The paranormal activity continues to be fun in the second book, the presentation of mind-reading works well, and the extended paranormal community for the League of Lord grows in complexity and interest. For the regency romance side, we have a forced engagement, a faked engagement, and tons of other beloved troupes. A good book, more lively than the first.


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~FINALIST: HOLT Medallion 2022
~WINNER: MAGGIE Award 2022
~Best Reads of 2021 – Lady With a Quill Reviews

He’s harboring a fiery secret….

The Duke of Ashcroft is determined to keep the League of Lords under wraps. After all, the group’s supernatural gifts brought the mystical misfits together and nobody is going to tear them apart. Intelligent and wily, Sebastian knows better than to trust anyone–especially an impulsive and intrusive American woman.

She’s looking for answers…

Competitive and confident, Delaney Temple is hellbent on uncovering the truth about the League. She’ll stop at nothing to unearth the secrets they’re burying. But when Sebastian is in trouble and Delaney comes to his rescue, their contempt turns to a burning desire. Suddenly, with their passion ignited, they can no longer deny their attraction.

A wicked duke. A troublesome beauty. And the forbidden desire they can’t deny.


Our fiery Duke meets his match in an America woman, who makes the unconventional women who married his friends look normal. Struggling with class and culture is a battle the Duke is willing to face, but can he keep Delaney’s interest on him instead of on the books inside her head?

This third book of the series is both stronger and weaker than the first two. Delaney’s power is interesting, but not as visceral as the rest of the members of the League. The familiar characters from the past stories continue to fill out the larger world, but the best Big Bad so far facing off against our League of Lords happened in book one – and a superhero series is only as good as its villains.

A good read, better than average, especially if you like romance and superhero mixes.

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