Editing Rant: “That” Author

Why do I do this to myself? Did a slush read for “that” author. You know the one you don’t want to be. The whiny “my story is great and you don’t know it”; “how can you reject it so quickly” (after I devoted a Friday night and Saturday morning to it), “you aren’t a writer so you don’t know how much rejects hurt”, …. etc.

I knew, knew from the cover letter, this one was going to be a problem. Why did I even ask for a full manuscript?

Oh, yeah, the person actually wrote three good chapters and had a great concept.

Too bad I will never read anything else from the slush pile from this writer again. Hope they learn (ie actually read the comments I sent back and use them – yes, I sent comments and still got a 20-question whine).

Don’t be that author!


The same day I got “Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to consider my manuscript and thanks for the feedback!”

Oh, yeah. That is why I do this. Because of “that” author. Be that one.