Flash: Dr. Jump

 Photo by Larry George II on Unsplash

Brian landed on the pavement after jumping down three stories, hoping to god the diffuser he picked up from GizmoChik worked as advertised. So far, no new video footage featuring his signature green and purple outfit had been added to last year’s mess of him learning the ropes except those specific times he had turned the diffuser off.

Doing the jump while in civvies risked it all, but he couldn’t change at home or at work.

The white clowns running Hero still didn’t know that Dr. Jump skintone had a lot more melatonin than anyone else in the seventeen-story building midtown. On the other hand, they probably though the doctor title was presumptuous. They had a lot of things they didn’t know when it came to him.

Putting one foot in front of the other, Brian worked his way up to a full run, under human power, while fading out to invisibility. Life would be easier if he could work more than one of his powers at a time. Rounding the corner, he categorized the new tags on the streets near his parent’s house. The Walleyes moved over one more street.

Someone was holding the door open to talk to a neighbor walking by, allowing Spades to slip by unnoticed, and more importantly, unregistered. He never left last night as far as the keys were concerned, and now he never came back. So long as no raid happened, his footprint on the city’s monitoring system would be clean.

(Words 248, first published 9/14/2022 – from a picture prompt for a Facebook writing group. Aim is about 50 words)