Book Review: Changeling’s Fall

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Changeling’s Fall: The Eisteddfod Chronicles Book 1 by Sarah Joy Adams and Emily Lavin Leverett


Her Faerie Tale is getting awfully grim.

Deor Smithfield had it all figured out. She had a great education, a new job teaching at a good university, and a plan to move across the country to start her new life.

Then her body betrayed her, and she seemed to be falling prey to the same wasting sickness that killed her mother. When medical science failed her in spectacular fashion, Deor’s grandmother told her that her long-lost father was more than just another deadbeat dad – he was a faerie, and she’s a Changeling, half-human, half-fae.

Now Deor has to rush to Faerie in search of her missing father before his magical parting gift kills her. She’s in a new world with no friends, no money, no job, and only a few days to find her disappearing daddy before she’s kicked back out into the mundane world to die.

Oh yeah, and somebody’s hunting Changelings in Faerie.


Nothing like walking into a political battle where you don’t know the players, the rules, or the reasons … and you are the most valuable piece on the board. Professor Deor faces exactly this situation.

Problem for the players – they think she will play their game as a pawn. 

She don’t care who your Daddy is. She isn’t a pawn. And she isn’t playing anything except for Keeps.

A wonderful mix of fantasy, politics, thriller, romance, and anything else the authors – Dr. Adams and Dr. Leverett – could slip in.