Author Spotlight: Tally Johnson

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Y’all comfortable? Good, because if you’re going to spend some time with Tally Johnson you need to get comfortable. Man’s a storyteller from the old school. Best of Creek Walking, a collection of his work, is the short story Creek Walking – which meanders it way into a story while walking along railroad tracks, trading cards, and biking dirt trails.

His day job is the local history coordinator for the Chester County Library system. Mr. Johnson is also a professional storyteller, going to local libraries and schools. From his research he has published books on the paranormal subjects: Ghosts of the South Carolina Upcounty and Ghosts of the South Carolina Midlands.

Within the Carolina publishing community, he helps out at ConCarolinas running the paranormal track.

If you ever get to attend a convention and he is sharing ghost stories at night, attend. The man’s stories are even better told in person. His writer’s voice is pure joy in person; it’s meant to be experiences in audio format.