A is for Again

I’m going to try the A to Z blog challenge again this year. I’m am thinking a longer story once tax season is over and short bursts of things until then. Right now I’m fairly exhausted – but I find this blog challenge to be uplifting so I’m going to go for it. For now, a few quick flashes to tie through to the 15th and more time for writing.


A is for Again

Standing on the banks, the breeze whispered by, brushing secrets against her skin. Nearby, water gurgled over the rocks at the bend when the trees snuck out of the forest to drink from the stream, but for the most part, prairie flowers and rolling hills dominated the landscape. In the distance, Melissa watched an afternoon storm stroll by, feeding the stream’s headwaters and conversing between clouds with lighting bolts and thunder cracks.

She breathed deeply in and exhaled slowly out. The stream moisture providing texture to the far off storm.

Again, it had happened. Her hand reached up to touch her still warm cheek. Barrett had slapped her over an hour ago and the pain remain, flashing like the far off lights in warning. A storm on the horizon is coming, and she had nowhere to run.

(words 137; first published 3/31/2020)

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