B is for BIC

B is BIC – Butt in Chair

The most important thing about being a writer is writing. To do that you need to … write!

Sit on that hiney in a chair and put words on paper or hands on keyboard.

So many things throw this off, anything that completely changes your life: a new baby, holidays, starting or ending a job, or a global pandemic. The process changes and now you got to figure out a new one. But at the end of the day, the process boils down to the simplest form – Butt in Chair.

Catie Murphy explains her take on this in a Magical Words post from 12/015/2011. You can see the original here: It’s all about the timing. As always read the comments.

Another good source John Hartness vlog – Writing while the world burns.

This month I am working an the A to Z challenge, the NaNoWritMo camp, the end of tax season, and three book edits (I’m an editor for Falstaff Books) due before the end of tax season. Why do the first two when I got the last two to deal with? Because BIC needed an extra nudge.

Good luck to everyone visiting for the A to Z blogging challenge – may your BIC be fun and productive this month.

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