Editing Rant: Dark Web Trope

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When an Editing Rant gets Short Circuited…

Going through today’s edit.

Oh no, not another “Hacker” tapping into the “Dark Web.” As someone with a bit of background in computers, this always makes me gag. Hacking is not that simple. I mean – ugh. And to have a “dark web” that only a select few know about? Please.

Well, they got to have the remote hacker follow the car chase through the street camera. The whole thing is located in Florida.

I can’t kill it. It’s too integral to the story. Plus it is an accepted trope from the Urban Fantasy genre, that your computer guru guy/gal can do this.

But you know what? I have had enough of this. I am sick to death of this trope. Time to fact check it. Maybe I can make an alternative. I’ve managed to bring a fresh twist to overused tropes before with just a bit of google-fu. I’ll just search on “Florida Street Cams” for giggles. My know-it-all-ness can get smug satisfac….

Holy sweet half-skeletal baby Hel!!!

FL511 – Florida Traffic – https://fl511.com/

Okay, okay. Did not expect to have all those street cams available for anyone to see. You don’t need the friggin’ Dark Web or be a hacker at all.

┬áBut Florida has some really weird privacy rules. North Carolina (where I live) ain’t goin’ to be like that. Right?

Dang-gum Loki’s maternity bra.

This link can connect you with cams from any state! – not all of them everywhere, but the weather cams are a start. If you are hacker collecting them over time for a particular area, I don’t think there will be much of a problem to build up the necessary database to follow a car or person through major streets. – https://www.weatherusa.net/skycamnet/list/North_Carolina

I stand corrected.

Dear author(s) you can have this hacker trope all you want.

I’m going to go into a corner and rock for a while.