Flash: Docility

Photo from freedigitalphotos.net

Rating: Mature

Staring at the horizon, Giorgio sunk onto the heated rock he had scaled. Dry, scentless air needled his tongue as he inhaled. Desolate desert and cloudless sky revealed no life but his own, barring a few reptiles bathing in the sun. His abandoned sedan remained below, the sole tie to humanity and civilization in the vacant vista. Its tan color only delayed conversion into an oven. The forsaken landscape ripped from his mind the meaningless thoughts of his tedious job and tiresome acquaintances, the irksome bills and insipid conversation which ruled his mundane activities.

The top was the perfect break point. A transition between civilized docility and feral reality.

The world was laid out at his feet. He could see everything, know everyone, … defeat anyone.

The return trek from the ravine over the high rocks was never as gratifying. Trite deadlines always dragged him away. He admitted to himself, he loitered. Prolonging his time with her until the last possible second. Fortunately, verifying his surrounding was only essential going in.  

Confident no one had followed him, the man shouldered his pack. Some rubble ricocheted down the steep trail as he stood. He slapped his hands together removing the grit embedded in his skin. Blinking against the unforgiving sun, one last survey assured Giorgio. He could go to the secret place.

The twisted path touted no breezes and soon Giorgio’s bangs dropped stinging sweat into his eyes. The ravine floor was in perpetual shade unless the sun hovered overhead like a nun with a ruler during parochial school. Being close to eleven during daylight savings, the Solar Goddess was beating the ravine unmercifully. Later, the north-south ravine would huddle in sacred shade and lick its wounds, waiting for the forgiving Moon to come alive.

For now, Giorgio trudged from overhang to overhang, robbing seconds of shade for the local denizens. His linen shirt adhered to his back. The hike from the only safe decent into the ravine to his secret place exceeded four miles. Recreational tourists gave up long before where his end-goal was located. The trek was worth keeping her secure.

A rockfall disguised the seam in the ravine walls. Not visible from either direction now, Giorgio had discovered the cave as a youth. Spring rains had tumbled the beneficial camouflage sometime between his youthful ranges and his adult hunts. He would never have found it again without the blazes he had left. Once again he thanked his youthful self for forethought.

He leaped over three loose rocks in the path. A quick glance verified a similar telltale on the other side had not moved either. Sniffing the air revealed no lingering smell of smoke or other alien scents. Satisfied no one had visited, Giorgio removed his pack and sidestepped down the seam.

Two switchbacks later, the narrow passage opened into a cave slightly larger than his college efficiency. How he wished he could offer her a palace, or at least the house his seven-figure income allowed him now. But until she learned, until she was under control, the cave was the only safe place for her.

A series of mirrors brought in outside light, revealing a chained naked woman. The gouged ground marked the limits of her tether, just a foot shy of the entrance. Her wrists were bruised and bloodied from the manacles. A blonde tuff of hair covered her private area, matching the massive golden curls covering her torso. Her hair flowed over generous breasts, past her slim waist. Pale skin lent an air of frailty.

She had bathed. Just for him. Using her precious water. Something she had started to do since summer began. She knew he liked her clean.

The bottles of water were lined up against the wall. Seven empties, three still filled, and two others with urine. Again something his clever girl had started of her own violation. The smell in the cave had improved considerably.

The woman watched him hungrily as he changed out her empties for new water from his pack. He carefully laid out seven new packages of food, confident she had the disciple to open only one per day. Giorgio wished he could visit her more than weekly, but each visit brought a risk of revealing her before she was ready.

He heard the chains clink as the woman approached. She lightly touched his shoulder. Good, she was becoming better. When he first brought her here, she threw herself at him – all nails and teeth. She had no control, was barely more than an animal.

Turning, Giorgio smiled as she tucked her head until it nearly touched dirt. She no longer played dominance games with him. Staring contests had required him to beat her. He dared not give an inch for her sake as well as his.

“Sir, I am happy you are here.” A soft soprano offered.

Her voice danced along his nerves, hardening his dick. Goddess, how he wanted her.

 How he needed her.

From the first moment he saw her, he knew he had make her his despite the danger. He couldn’t bring himself to offer her a choice. Giorgio knew he couldn’t handle it if she said no. He had to have her. She was still a little upset he had forced her. Taken away her choice. But she was coming around.

She wanted him. He smelled her musk as her pussy readied for him.

He lifted her chin, words landing on her lips before he claimed her mouth. “As am I, Tala, as am I.”


He left regretfully as the cave grew gloomy hours later. The sun no longer bounced into the cave indicating it was past time he left.

He did not want to leave her in the cave, so far from him. Having her beside him would make civilization’s inanity bearable. But she wasn’t ready.

She still didn’t understand the limits. He could not bring her back to the city until she did.

Her passion during their mating was all he had hoped for from the moment he first decided to claim her.  Nearly made him think she understood; she could be safe if he brought her back to his house.

But then she asked him not to chain her ankles before he left. That told him she still wasn’t ready.

He quickly climbed over the rock, pausing only a moment to watch the pregnant moon rise. Two more days until the full moon. Seven moons since he had bit her. Tala had to know by now the wrist manacles where not strong enough hold her wolf form.

(words  1,098 – originally appearing at Breathless Press 9/5/2013 for the 8/26/12 Sunday Fun; republished new blog format 5/12/2019)