Flash: Medical Treatment

Rating: Mature

“Hey, come here. I’ve something to tell you. A secret. ” The male half-grin was perfect.

Beatrix looked over at the others in the stark white room. She couldn’t deny the appeal of what they were showing her. She started to move around the hardened body. Every muscle was perfect, textbook though her understanding was. The black shirt clung to his exceptionally broad shoulders, swept over muscular breasts, and teased her with hints of a defined abdomen.

His electric blue eyes caught hers. “Come closer! I won’t bite.”

His baritone chuckle sent sexual tingles through her. She never experienced anything similar in her life.

“Unless you like it.” He offered, the intense eyes smoldering.

“Virginia Woolfe’s Landing.” Beatrix cursed. Her hands gripped into fists and pressed tightly against her hospital overalls.

One of the other women, all three wearing medical staff mesh suits, pressed a few icons on a console. The male froze midstep, shoulders tilted towards the patient, a half-smile remaining in place. Beatrix relaxed as life left the robot’s eyes.

“I am so sorry to upset you.” Dr. Kahlo, Beatrix’s psychologist, soothed. The nurse, who was really a bodyguard for the doctor against her psych ward patients, and an intern followed the doctor from the opposite side of the room where they had been observing her reactions to the robot. Beatrix’s long-time mental illness was so unique, dozens of students fought for time to study her. She was thankful the normal pod had been locked out for the experiment.

“No, no. It’s okay doc.” Beatrix opened her hands and smoothed her sweaty palms against the fabric covering her. “You told me exactly how it would act. I just didn’t expect how I would RE-act.”

The doctor touched her bracelet highlighting the importance of this part of the recording. “And did we react strongly?”

“I pretty sure you didn’t react at all.” Beatrix hated the constant plural the brain doctors used. They did not have her problem. “But I about creamed myself when it chuckled.”

The intern looked away in disgust at her crudity.

Because she could – Dr. Kahlo wanted absolute honesty in order to provide better treatment – and the intern annoyed her earlier today with a barrage of questions, Beatrix continued, “That deep voice made me want to drop to my knees and slurp his stick.”

“The appropriate term is penis.” Dr. Kahlo corrected, unfazed. “Should you want something less formal, historical documents indicate terms such as prick, cock, and dick were used.”

Chastised, Beatrix felt like an uneducated hick from a canyon clan. A feeling she was used to having around Dr. Kahlo.

“So do we believe this treatment might be beneficial?”

“Just so we are riding parallel on this.” Beatrix winced as she followed the psychologist speech patterns. “I get to use the medical device under supervision here. If it works, I get to take it home and go back to real life.”

“If the medical device works, we will continue to see each other regularly and continue to search for a real cure.” The doctor frowned. “Remember we are using this as a stop-gap measure only to return to functional integration. We don’t want it to be permanent, any more than we would want to use a cane for the rest of our lives.”

“But if it works, I get to use it until something else is found.”

“Of course, Miss Bentley, since you have not responded to either chemical treatment or biological restructuring, we will suffer through the temporary inconvenience of a medical device.”

Hardly an inconvenience if it worked. She would be able to return to her home. Beatrix already imagined conducting vibalettes and nigaloons again. She knew her mothers and sisters would throw a high-pressure-explosion for her coming home party. She had been in and out of hospital care since they discovered her issue as a teenager.

During her musings about returning to ordinary life, the doctor and her shadows had returned to the console. They reactivated the robot.

The male finished his step and reached for her. Beatrix saw the pity in the intern’s eyes as she lifted her face up eagerly to be kissed. A shudder shook her body as the medical device lightly bit her ear as promised before placing his lips on hers.

The student didn’t understand.

None of them truly did. How could they? She was the only heterosexual woman born in the Amazon colony since landing.

(words 741 – originally appearing at Breathless Press 9/12/2013 for the 7/22/12 Sunday Fun – See the picture that inspired the story! – As I do not know the copyright permissions, I have not copied it here; Republished in new blog format on 12/23/18)