Editing Rant: For Want of a Body

Illustration 6672404 © Gheburaseye | Dreamstime.com

It was as if her body wanted him. Not just (the female character’s name), but her body.

Why is her BODY more important than her name, her being? (pinch nose)

The author is trying to be romantic, to say (the action of sex) of his male MC with his love interest went deeper and connected to him more than anything else. This is a known toxic male trait – they have been so starved for any connection – physical, mental, and emotional that body touch is assumed to be this an amazing be-all end-all connection.

When writing, remember Name and the Person is more important than the Body.

One thought to “Editing Rant: For Want of a Body”

  1. Gross. There’s a similar thing that happens in shifter fiction, too. Although, in that case there’s an animal in the equation, so perhaps it’s not all that similar…

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