Flash: Popsicle

(unknown origin)

She couldn’t keep her eyes off his lips. Each pass in and out drove her nuts. He knew how much she wanted it, how much she needed it. The scent on his breath just made the cravings worse. She could taste the bitter sweet flavor when she kissed him.

How dare he finish the fudgesicle without her! It took every last bit of her diet willpower not to steal the stick out of his mouth and suck the last of the ice cream off. The jerk had better find a way to repay her.

(words 94 – originally appearing at Breathless Press 5/19/2013 for the 2/26/12 Sunday Fun – Kept the picture this time – I do not know the copyright permissions. If you know the origin or the copyright, I would like to know. – Thanks!; republished new blog format 9/9/2018)