Flash: Yellow Eyes

Rating: Mature

The yellow eyes burned. Everyone in the room must feel them. Although the creature standing in the hatch had been motionless since the first moment humans found the spaceship, Walter swore he felt the eyes scan everyone in the tour group before settling on him.


He was in Las Vegas for a convention and decided to catch the freak show. Fifteen years ago a ship landed on some yahoo’s land in Nevada. Of course the government immediately confiscated it, but everyone in the world had seen it come in. Made the Russian meteor the year before look like a flashlight. Rather than face a world war over it, the government decided to go with common law land rights. The yahoo turned around and sold the alien ship to a casino and retired to Florida. Damn lucky yahoo.

*You/I could be so lucky.*

But not in this lifetime, mortgages were just getting harder and harder to sell as the government kept interfering. Like it was the industry’s fault the economy went into a recession for two decades.

Walter let others press by him in their urgency to get closer to the exotic. The outer rooms of the exhibit had plenty of pictures, including a personal favorite of the cock and slit hidden under the pale green short tunic the alien wore. The casino knew their patrons’ interests and got someone to lay on their back for that particular shot. He felt no need to get closer. The yellow eyes burned hot enough from this distance.

*I should move around to not draw attention.*

Must drive the scientists nuts to only have eight hours a day access without the public involved. Walter let his body start moving with the crowd. Still the nerds should be happy the alien was being treated as an international treasure; the casino was even going to send it on a world tour next year.

*The being is very attractive.*

The hair was amazing, caught back in a crystalline band clipped to the nape. Beyond the band the mammalian thin blond hair seemed to become thick reptilian feather-like fur flowing up, down and sideways as though suspended in water. The hair completely blocked the view of everything beyond the hatch with its seething frozen mass. The creature was halted midstep, about to have one of its thick white boots step onto the disembarking ramp. Its nipples pressed against the gauzy tunic fabric, firmly pointed to meet a brave new world.

*I could help free it – her – from the time statis.*

The ship could be moved in its entirety, but nothing changed about its being. No radiation emitted; no dust landed. Walter had never attempted physics in the two semesters before his drunk and flunk succeeded, but something seemed to have fixed the entire structure in the fourth dimension completely according to the outside displays.

*Our science cannot equal an alien from the stars.*

Don’t know why the geeks even try. Walter took one last look at the nipples. He could feel the puckered points rolling around on his tongue.  He felt connected to the frozen yellow-eyed alien; he also traveled and worked hard to end frustrated. Tonight, maybe with a couple of items from the wet bar, he might sit back and dream of the alien and take care of some of that frustration.

*And accept its seed.*

He never been interested in dick before, but the slit was also available. Could be an interesting experience if the girl was mobile. He ran his right hand along the ship on the way out, feeling the tingle some people had reported experiencing. Most reported the eerie feeling of their hands sliding over nothingness. Yeah, he was going to fuck Ms. Hand until the tingle spread over his whole body while thinking about the burning yellow eyes.

(words 638 – originally appearing at Sunday Fun on Breathless Press 3/10/2013 (original photo of unknown copyright), republished in new blog format 6/10/2018)