Other Cool Blogs: Magical Words March 2, 2009

Image courtesy of Aleksa D at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What is going on in their head?

“What is going on in their head?” I ask myself looking at the decisions people make and the actions people take. A lot of my writing is trying to understand other people. Some of it is trying to understand myself. All of the “trying to understand” is poured into character development. While I love worldbuilding, character development – understanding people – is why I write.

David B. Coe holds up “The Imperfect Mirror” to himself for a glimpse to understand an aspect of why he writes. In his March 2009 blog post, he explores how the Point-of-View (POV) characters in his various series match his own personal age when he conceived and wrote the books. For him, character development is about exploring the questions of life and the interactions with others. Aging and life changes realign the questions most interesting to him.

What is going on in your head, below the surface, when you write characters?

To see the whole post (and comments) go here: http://www.magicalwords.net/david-b-coe/the-imperfect-mirror/