Book Review: Seraphs (Rogue Mage #2)

Book Cover for Seraphs (A Rouge Mage Novel)

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Seraphs (Rogue Mage #2) by Faith Hunter

Living among humans in a post- apocalyptic ice age, neomage Thorn St. Croix is a source of both fear and fascination for the people of Mineral City, and now she faces her ultimate test.

Deep under the snow-covered mountains beyond the village, an imprisoned fallen seraph desperately needs her help. There, hidden in the hellhole, the armies of Darkness assemble to ensure this subterranean rescue will be Thorn’s final descent?



I started in the middle with “A Rogue Mage” series by Faith Hunter. I read Seraphs before reading Bloodring. And this book isn’t *quite* standalone. Took me 4 to 6 chapters to understand most of the language of the world and the people and what happened previously.

But that is okay – the opening lines are “Claws gripped my throat, shutting off my air …” And so we begin another novel by Mrs. Hunter – in the middle of things and continuing into a non-stop ride of urban fantasy adventure with just enough character development bits to catch a breath while the tension cranks you to the top of the next hill of the roller coaster. Then the bottom drops out again, and the curves are slamming you side to side with action and plot twists.

I have read a couple of the Jane Yellowrock stories. I am liking this story much better, and I liked those stories just fine.

The religious themes innate to this post-apocalyptic world may bother some readers, but are they also add so many layers to the world-building. Ahh, just figured out why I like this series more than Jane Yellowrock – it required a lot more world-building, and I just love a good world-building.