Flash: A is for Always

Image from freedigitalphotos.net

“Momma, no don’t hang…”

The dial tone said it all.

“I will always love you.” A lie repeated so many times growing up to a child. But an adult, making their own choices. Unacceptable. Love is conditional.

Staring at the numbers doesn’t make them dial back. Should the child or the parent be the one to reach out? Who is responsible for the relationship?

(words 64; first published 4/1/2024; created 11/18/2023))

5 thoughts to “Flash: A is for Always”

  1. Obviously only Donnas read this….lol! Thanks for your visit to my blog, Mainely Write.
    Is this a continuing story, or will you be doing exerpts from different stories?

    1. This particular flash was a one-shot inspired by the picture. But Sundays (4/7 – F is First and Foremost) will be the third of a superhero romance story – with the second episode just happening on 3/31/2024 (Hold me against the dark). Some flashes demand expansion and others don’t. If you see anything you would like to know more about, just drop in a comment.

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