Flash: Always Alone

Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash

“Another world empty.” Tears streaked Greek’s cheeks. “How, why? We cannot be the only life in the universe.”

Lever, one of the Madal’s believers, adjusted its wide-brimmed eemy cap into a tilt so not to hit the other before hugging Greek with its two outer left arms, patting him with the middle one. “I know, I know. Considering how filled our world is with life, it hurts to know life has to be out there, more life, and not find it. But as we continue to search, we must start considering Briggs Anomaly Proposal.”

“No, I refuse. We cannot be the center of the universe, the only planet with intelligent life. God wouldn’t be so cruel.”

“We are scientists.” Lever squeezed Greek’s two emotion shoulders firmly. “Create a theory, test against evidence, adjust theory, retest. The evidence says we are alone.”

“Then we just don’t have the tools yet. We must see further, hear more, process data faster.” Greek dashed the bitter water from his face. “Life is out there.”

(words 170; first published 2/18/2024 – inspired by the thought many humans start from the thought we, personally, are the center of life and therefore the most important, and get distressed to discover the populations of other countries on our planet, let alone the number of worlds in the galaxy exist which could contain life. Imagine a species whose innate sense of self is the community of life on their planet, and their base assumption is there must be life everywhere, and they discover just how empty the universe it.)

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