Flash: Storm Front

Photo from Unsplash

They called him “god”, an eternity ago. One of his many eternities. Each crashing against him, waves against stone. An immortal mutation born before such concepts even existed.

But immortality has limits, requirements. A planet to live on, air to breathe, water to drink.

Earth and him knew each other well at this point, and he could feel the changes building in his long-time companion, tipping like an avalanche, snowballing like an ice age. If the eight billion people of the world did not get their act together, he will don the mantle of a deity once again.

Today, his annoyance led him back to the sea with a purpose. He’ll remind the nations what the oceans can do when enough heat is dumped in them. He blew his beautiful water planet a kiss. The caress swirling out to join a tropical depression.

(words 143, first published 9/17/2023)

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