Magical Words: F is for Fast

Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

Writing fast, especially to a deadline, is required to go “pro” (i.e., actually attempt to make a living through words). A to Z for April is just a taste of the day-in day-out delivery required to pay the mortgage and bills for the roof over the head and the food on the table.

In the December 6, 2011 Magical Words post “Abandoning Standards,” Diana Pharaoh Francis, discusses abandoning her normal methods to get the Zero Draft done so she can turn in her book on time … in January, just a month away. Her answer – concentrate on getting the action down on paper.

Or, if I was following this advice, get my dialog down. I don’t see action first, I hear people talking. Whatever you need to do to get words on screen so you can edit them.

Forget the deeper characterizations, themes, set design – all these can be added during the second pass to flesh things out. First pass, get the plot down through action or dialog or whatever gets you beginning to end the fastest. Live life in the fast (writing) lane.

Again the URL for the post is: – be sure to catch all the comments. Many of the responders are other pros making a living at writing, and the hints are wonderful.