Flash: T is for Time (GoTime 3)

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Morgan leaned into Monico’s arms, feeling him kiss the top of her head. She wrapped one arm around him, pulling him closer until she could feel him shivering as much as she was.

Together their hearts slowed. She didn’t want to look up and see the fire behind her reflected in his cybernetic eyes. The heat warmed her back and reminded how close a call the most recent attempt on her life had been.

“How much longer?” she whispered into his broad chest.

He moaned regret.”As long as timeline 29 exists, as long as you anchor it.”

Morgan closed her eyes, thinking of her children. “Unless we take the fight to them.” she whispered into his shoulder.

(word count 118; first published 4/23/2023, from a FB visual prompt for a writing group I belong to – aiming for 50 words)

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