Flash: Summoning

Acquired from the internet – tweeted by @MicroSFF (has lots of cool micro stories)

This appeared as a prompt for a Facebook writing group I’m part of – aim is 50 words, I went a little over. The question, using this as an example, is what would you be summoned for?


When the familiar tingling happened, I apologized to my client before disappearing, confident my coworkers will cover for me, unlike some others. I was growling when I appeared within the summoning circle surrounded by the demons of Hell. “What is it THIS time!!?”

As one, they took a step back.

“Sorry to be a bother, but, well, some of our clients need help with their taxes.”

I glared. “They’re dead.”

“Only thing certain in life is death and taxes, and death is optional for the immortals.”

“Still dead if they’re yours.”

The horned devils shuffled their feet. “Russia is taxing its supernatural population to help pay for the war.”

“And you expect me to help?” I spun to the one holding the blood squeeze bottle used to create the circle. “Or help them dodge?” I stepped outside the circle, where they misadded six cryptocurrencies sales from whoever’s self employment tax form they used as the basis for the ward.

“Dodge!” It screamed back-peddling. “Dodge. Dodge. Dodge. Please don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t make you do word problems this time.” I promised, picking up the pile of papers beside the United States form they exploited to summon me . Russian tax code wasn’t my strong suit, but I knew a guy.

(words 210; first published May 15, 2022)