Flash: Hotties

Image provided by freedigitalphotos.net

“The hotties are back.” Jessfine stage whispered to Pete as she slipped in the employee’s door.

Since the new HR directive came out, every time one of the recruitment teams returned the department was abuzz with gossip. Pete glanced over at Marine and Swami pouring over their tablets, most likely their after-mission statements.

The black woman behind the desk leaned forward. “Are you going to try for one?”

“Jess, they are a couple.” A totally hot couple, Pete admitted internally, trying to pull her eyes away from the men. Powers tended to enhance everything, from physique to facial features, especially when the bearer got a physical package like Marine. His business suit, tailored to his body, still stretched at his impressive shoulders. But it was the slimmer Swami who drew her whenever they were in residence. Glancing up for his pad Swami made eye contact.

He caught her staring, again. Damn it. How does he do that? He was wearing the regulation glasses so his powers had to be contained. But maybe not as much as advertised.

“Even better, two for one.” The irrepressible receptionist prodded.

(words 186, first published 3/28/2022)