Geeking Science: Sweden Solar System

Model of Sedna in LuleĆ„, part of the Sweden Solar System – 10/17/2009 by Dag Lindgren

Someone in Sweden seriously wanted to win the class diorama in a shoebox science project.

In 1998, Sweden started a Solar System project where the Sun, planets, and various other features of the Solar System (including the termination shockwave) plays out in a scale of 1 to 20 million. The rocky planets are close to the sun, all located in and around Stockholm. The balance stretches the length of the country.

The models are owned and maintained by their makers, and is coordinated by the Swedish Astronomical Society. (Sweden Solar System) At present count in 2022, there are 25 parts to the model.

How did I not know this existed before now?!? I now have something for my bucket travel list.


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