Flash: Pets (Another One, Reginald?)

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

“Another one, Reginald?” Veronica eyed the animal hesitating in the doorway, watching their conversation. “They die so quickly. You are just going to get heartbroken again.”

“What can I say? I get lonely.” Reginald signaled for the creature to come over. It sat beside him on its haunches, and he petted the hair. “She’s a good one, just like her mother and grandmother.”

“A werewolf would at least be useful.” The blonde vampire shook her head. “Humans are just decorative yippy things.”

(words 82, first published 3/28/2022)

Pets for Vampires Series (Order of Creation)

  1. Pets: Another One, Reginald? (5/17/2020)
  2. Veronica Visits (Pets 2) (6/7/2020)
  3. Still See His Teeth (Pets 3) (11/29/2020)
  4. Hair of Dog (Pets for Vampires 4) (12/6/2020)