Author Spotlight: Natasja Rose

R is for Rose

Amazon Cover

So I’m sitting at Pennsic minding my own business (not really, but let’s go with that), when me and a lady get to talking about embroidery, making historic costumes, and time travel – because those things go together. (If you attended Pennsic or met a SCAdian, you’ll understand – if not, just trust me). Turns out she is a self-published writer out of Australia, and she had written a really cool rant-filled book on the seamstress department of a time travel agency

After I got home, I went poking my nose to see what other weirdness Ms. Rose had created. The twisted Fairy Tale set of Cinderella Grows a Spine, Snow White learns Stranger Danger, and Red Riding Hood and the Stalker capture her personality and voice well. While they are not as polished as “Traditional” Presses do, her unique vision isn’t curtailed either.

She also publishes non-fiction on topics dear to her heart such as Asexuality and Asperger’s

The prices of her books run a little higher than I am used to seeing here in the States where everyone undervalues what writers produce including the writers themselves, but the pricing could also be a difference between currency exchanges with Amazon. The internet Goliath likes segregating countries into easily managed portions. In any case, you might want to look into her twisted little tales whether they are a collection, short story, or novella.

If you want, you can follow her on facebook under: Natasja Rose Author.