Author Spotlight: William McCaskey

Amazon Cover

William McCaskey is a new science fiction author releasing his first book through Falstaff. Yes, another book I edited. (I developmentally edited a lot of books in the last year, and they have finally finished making their way through the pipeline.)

Each book is a challenge, and this one more than most because Mr. McCaskey came with such a clear vision and his military experience bleeds through on every page … just adjusted for lasers and spaceships. I hope he doesn’t have experience with those, or if he does, I am grateful that he didn’t share that information with me because that would really be one of the “If I tell you, I will need to kill you” moments.

I’m not sure where he is going with the rest of the series. I never ask, because I want to be surprised too. And I know I will be surprised with him. Some of the bits are really out there, like wood paneling on the spaceships. But that is his unique vision, and I ain’t going to step all over his voice.

If you like special forces ground ops in a military sci-fi setting, you will enjoy this book. Dragon Two-Zero. (In case you were wondering, there are no dragons. This one is pure science fiction.)

Mr. McCaskey can be followed on twitter here: (9/20/2023 update: Twitter is now X, and is locking itself behind a paywall. I do not know if the author is still on the adjusted platform.)