Blog: More Women on Ballots

You may have noticed I switched the Fifth Tuesday Art Project with a blog posting about Voting. Voting is something I very, very strongly about. So much so, I have lost three months of art and writing supporting the local political process. I took up politics as an “art project”.

Am I happy about everyone elected? No, of course not. But unless we make a stand, all of us – learning, working, and, dang nab it, leading – things are not going to change.

Personally, I got tired of seeing a dearth of women on the ballot. Like 10% or less from major parties. Dudes, really?

I got angry – stupid angry. So stupid angry, I ran for office; so stupid angry, I won

The next four years ought to be interesting. It is a minor county office here in North Carolina, one of five on a council, but it is my office. 

Things have better change soon, because I’m not done being angry and the next office might not be so little. Just saying.

Image acquired from the Internet Hive Mind