Author Spotlight: Sarah M. Anderson / Maggie Chase

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One of the marketing questions every author needs to ask when they change their primary genre, is should they go with a pen name or keep their primary name or work with somewhere in between. Sarah M. Anderson writes contemporary western romances, but wanted to create an erotica historic series set in the west. How to go about it? If she completely separates them under different names, she would need to create two web-presences, or only market one of her “people”. If she didn’t create some separation, the series where she explores MMF, FF, BDSM, and other non-Harlequin topics, some of her regular readers will feel betrayed buying the book unexpectedly. So she set up a alternate name, but provided a clear window between the two. The Maggie Chase cover indicates her primary writing name, and her website has her Maggie Chase personality under a tab.

And when I went there – Good Grief! My name is there too because of my Goodread reviews of her books:

That was unexpected. I read a lot of books and review a lot of books on Goodreads – I cherry-pick from the 120 plus reviews I do in a year for the twelves I publish here. (I have over 400 reviews posted on Goodreads at this time.)

This particular quote comes from my review of His Sapphire, the BDSM book of the series.

Ms. Chase has created an amazing cast of character for her Jeweled Ladies’ series – each with different needs and wants. Each talk differently and have different goals. And – this is extremely rare – some of those goals are at cross-purposes! Usually everyone in a series are all good, likeable people in a circle of friends with similar goals. This series is set in the wild west with politicians, and freed slaves, with ladies of the night, and ancient feuds. One of the most amazing erotica series I have ever read.

If you like erotic romance and want something wild-west western, look into this series.