Flash: Catskil Mating

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Rating: Mature

Well, that certainly shows her interest in being here. Apollo thought to himself as he entered the mating room. Amusement snuck across his face at the thought.

The woman turned from her pacing and glared at him. “What are you smiling at?”

“The hat.” He responded. “Aren’t you a little overdressed?”

She yanked the hat off her head and crumpled in with her gloved hands. “So was I supposed to wait naked?”

Excellent, the brunette had fire. When the elder had instructed him to be gentle since it was Lewella’s first mating experience, he had been worried. Like all cats, he liked to play with smaller, weaker creatures. He wasn’t certain how gentle he would be once he scented the heat, but at least he wouldn’t be cruel. “Hardly, but removing a few articles of clothing, such as the coat, might have been advisable.”

Her brown eyes stared at him for a second, anger warring with terror. Anger won as she threw the hat into the corner and started yanking off her gloves. “Don’t know who among the wolves decided to torture a bunch of desert and jungle creatures by forcing us to settle in New York, but I would love to get even with the shit.” 

Apollo sauntered over to the agitated female and moved her hands away from where she continued to jerk at her parka’s zipper after it got stuck on her scarf. He started working the knitted material free. “Wolves do not torture. Not their style at all. A cat would have been gleeful about sentencing their enemy to Winter, but not a wolf.” He got one scarf end free and started working on the other. “I think they meant well by giving us the Catskil Forest Preserve and surrounding area to recover from the Were-war. Always look for straight forward thinking in those creatures.”

He leaned closer, taking a quick sniff. Lewella jerked away from the intrusion. 

Beginning of her heat cycle. Not more than a couple of hours. Not the same species … “Bobcat or cougar?” he asked.

“Cougar.” She responded automatically. “What are you?”


Her scent glands filled the air with the removal of the parka. Apollo felt his dick immediately ask for release from its confines. Looking into the woman’s eyes, he saw them darkening with arousal. But she was also far from ready emotionally for the next few days. He moved his hands from lifting her shirt’s hem to the scarf’s ends.

The female tilted her head after the eye contact. “Can I ask you something?” 

“Sure.” Apollo started moving the scarf up and down by pulling the two ends, causing the wool to rub the back of her neck. 

A gasp parted from her lips. She needed several moments to reform her train of thought. Her much raspier voice queried, ”Why don’t they let us meet before the matings? We cats don’t form permanent bonds, so why all the mystery?”

Continuing the stimulation with the see-sawing scarf – which provided him the amusement of a toy and toying with someone, Apollo responded, “Are they still selling that crap in the pride nursery?” 

Confusion crossed her flushed face. 

“Ahh. I can see they are.” He slowly pulled the scarf completely off her neck. “Yes, we are cats, sunshine, but we are also human. Which means while we don’t do that one mate for life idiocy wolves do, we do have enough monkey to prefer long-term monogamous relationships.”

He took off his jacket suit and tossed it into the growing clothing pile. Her eyes burned into his chest as he removed his work shirt. “For example, Lavi should have been here before me, but he needed to say goodnight to his human mate and kids.”

Startled out of the deepening heat, the girl said, “He has cubs with a human?”

“No, they are from her first marriage.” He sat on the bed to take off his shoes. “No hope there to restore our species. But he hates it when his turn comes up for the matings and that is what Alta is trying to keep from happening with the rest of us. Unnecessary emotional cruelty,“ Surprise tinged his voice as he concluded, “Quite unlike her to be kind.”

Lewella started following his example and soon they were both naked. She laid on the bed and spread her legs. The scent nearly overwhelmed him. The cougar’s heat was nearly peaked.

“Had sex with humans I see.” Apollo commented.

“Why … what?”

“Flip over.” The female was well into lower brain function, so he needed to keep his wits just a little longer. He helped her get on her hands and knees. 

Once she was in position, Apollo bit into her nape. Lewella immediately screamed in orgasm and her nails extended into the sheets tearing them apart. No male feline ever mounted a female from the front while she was in heat. Those nails would destroy thin human skin.

While her nails held her in position, Apollo released her neck and slid his penis into her weeping slit. Her vagina was still pulsating from her first climax. His brought his right hand around to play with her clitoris while his barbs started digging into the sides of the channel. As he withdrew, his dick was squeezed tighter and the barbs increased the sensitivity at hundreds of points. Pain and pleasure drove them both over the edge.

Together the feline couple sunk into scent and sensation.

(911 words – originally appearing in Sunday Fun for Breathless Press on 11/18/12; reposted new blog format 9/24/2017)