Other Cool Blogs: Magical Words August 28, 2015

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Play it Safe

Having just attended ConCarolinas, and with Con-Gegate, Pennsic, and Dragon Con around the corner which between them will have me rubbing elbows with lots and lots and lots of people of unknown origin, I am reminded to play it safe. Not safe as in, “I am female and should never wear short skirts or drink because I am responsible if something bad happens because some lout can’t control himself” crap. That stuff makes me angry. But reasonable precaution, stuff like not jumping out of airplanes and if you go drinking take a buddy who will make sure you get home safe.

Stuff which allows you to deal with your minivan getting broken into at a convention while you are in the vehicle sleeping. You may remember me posting something about that back in 2013. They stole my laptop bag, which at the time only had an embroidery project. Hope you enjoy it idiots! As a side note, the incident did a pretty big assault on my internal feeling of safety even though they never saw me in the back of the minivan, and for that I have a real hard time sending Christian forgiveness their way. I keep hoping a more Karma-istic result in their lives. (I’m Prudence, not Charity.)

Cons are big parties where people are playing. Some people get stupid when they play, and some people get dangerous when they are stupid.

Two years ago John Hartness, a very large man, wrote a Magical Words on How to Stay Safe at a Con.

A professional writer can’t avoid attending a convention or two, and should never need to regret attending one because someone playing got stupid.

So first – don’t be one of the people playing who become stupid then dangerous. Not being That Person is your responsibility. Second, don’t make it easy for That Person. Hang with your friends, after all, that is part of what attending cons is all about. And take advantage of all the features the cons have. ¬†Conventions have worked to put in security; don’t ignore this benefit your con membership is paying for. Report the ass who touched your ass without permission, whether you’re male, female, or blue skinned alien.

The best take-away from Mr. Hartness’ blog post, “Your instincts are pretty finely honed through years of not getting dead. Listen to them.”