Author Spotlight: Michael Z. Williamson

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Science Fiction tends to gather some highly political writers. As people explore “what if”, they follow paths from where humanity is now – with government, science, and culture – and predict possible ways each of these may develop. Robert Heinlein was known for his extreme views. John Scalzi made a splash with his political blog long before his writing caught public attention. Octavia E. Butler explore many cultural aspects in her writing. And Ayn Rand had a cult following in her day.

Michael Z. Williamson may be added to the list of exceptional writers who explore the possible future they believe may work for humanity. An immigrant from the UK and Canada, he served in the US military. He plays in the SCA, and I see him every Pennsic – to find out what book he had published by Baen this year.

I might not always agree with his politics or his vision of the future, but his stories are always interesting. If you like Heinlein, you will like his stories.