Blog: NaNo, First Day, First Hook

Book Cover for Cons of Romance

Holding cover by Erin Penn

First 118 words from NaNo – let me know what you think about the “hook”:

“I so totally owe you one. Parker is still hugging the porcelain god, I think searching for his toenails. If you need anything, just ask.”

 “Well, if you are offering…” I signaled for the airport off-ramp, smiling at the windshield so the tease would carry in my voice. “I’d love a table outside the dealer’s room.”

 My hands-free speaker barked with laughter. Score one for me in releasing some of Heather’s stress. With half of her staff suffering from a late-season bout of the stomach-flu, being run ragged didn’t begin to cover her present situation. “Tell you what sweetpie, cross the 1,000 annual sales mark and I absolutely will find a way, even if I have to bump someone.”