Art: Political Memes

I recently stepped down as a Soil and Water Board member for my state. I ran for it because I believe more women should be on the ballot and I put my money where my mouth was (literally, did you know you have to pay to be put on the ballot?). I was rather shocked I won, but I finished serving my four years in the office.

My next political cause is getting minimum wage and tipped minimum wage raised a bit. For my state, $10 is the effective minimum wage – fast food can’t get people for less than that. So when I write letters, that is all I’m asking for. I’m writing a letter a week then personalizing them for my North Carolina House Representative, my NC Senate Legislator, my Federal NC House Representative, and my two Federal NC Senators. Plus I’m making a meme to post on Facebook.

Here is the pack so far:


And here are some political memes I’ve made previously, just in case you ever wonder where I stand on issues. Human Beings are Human Beings.