Magical Words: Capacity

Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

It’s tax season and every day is get up; figure out which office I’m assigned to and get to work;  work, work, work. Get home; do a survival chore (dishes, laundry, groceries, etc.); slip in some writing; and at least one thing for my other gigs (edit, review, read). Go, go, go. Remember to eat and sleep, because I’m in a marathon and I can’t fall down because I forgot basic chores for keeping the body running.

I’m at capacity. Especially right now when W-2 are landing in mail boxes every day.

My cup overflows.

John G. Hartness wrote a Magical Words post on October 3, 2016 about “Managing Your Capacity.”

Right now, my capacity isn’t dedicated to writing. Basically six months of the combination of package then tax season, then a calmer six months of conventions with some gig work. During the Convention season, writing and editing will increase.

Mr. Hartness points out your capacity changes, and that is okay. Work with your creative energy to get big projects done with big energy and small projects done with small energy. Right now, I got small creative energy, but that works just fine for putting up a blog.

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