Book Review: The Polar Terror

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The Polar Terror by Liana Brooks


Kaddy Chaak’s career is in jeopardy, her social life is non-existent, and instead of spending the holidays at home with everyone she loves, she’s in the hospital with her chronically-ill, probably-dying nephew Everett, wondering if her dead sister could have fixed this. The one bright note in an otherwise bleak winter is a potential visit from the Polar Terror, the only super villain north of the 66th parallel, to make little Everett’s hospital wish come true.

Kaddy’s not really expecting him to show. At best, she expects a lackluster cosplayer with a half-hour to spare.

What she gets is a swoon-worthy stranger full of secrets, who might just sweep her off her feet–and maybe help her leave the past behind, once and for all.

A heart-warming stand-alone addition to the popular Heroes and Villains series.



Continuing Ms. Brooks supervillain romance series, this novella introduces readers to the Polar Terror – a Canadian villain whose eyes strike terror in all who meet his gaze.

When Everett makes-a-wish of the hospital to meet his favorite comic book character, the wish-organizer inadvertently gets exactly what Everett desires when the Polar Terror shows up in person. Kaddy doesn’t care if he is a villain, hero, or Santa Claus, so long as her cancer-fighting kid gets a smile. Then the Polar Terror turns his gaze on Kaddy – struggling single mom – and things get interesting.

A Sweet Romance novella with characters you root for throughout. The perfect book to get snowed in with.

There are a couple of quick skips in the plot, a common problem with the short form of novellas. This book could easily be twice the length to get all the details in. Instead it focuses on the highlights of the relationship.

POC report – Main characters are primarily of First Nation decent.

Received from publisher for an honest review.